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Clutch Macramé (Black)
Clutch Macramé (Black)
Clutch Macramé (Black)

Clutch Macramé (Black)

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Clutch Macramé (Black) 

Made using a unique craft technique, this black clutch would complement your perky personality by making you look nothing short of spectacular. With a chic turquoise colour, this macramé clutch reflects elegance through each knot and is super easy to style.

Moreover, it is sturdy and excessively trendy. You can carry it for coffee dates, weekend outings, college meetups, etc. Thanks to its intricate detailing, you’re bound to get a lot of compliments and attention.

To top it off, this handmade comes with a compact size of 7”x5.5”. By using a lightweight clutch like this, you can give your neck and shoulders a break. And if you’re someone looking to declutter, this purse is a great way to start.

  • Easy to Pair: An extremely versatile piece, this turquoise clutch can be paired with pretty much every outfit. From formal to casual and traditional to modern, you cannot go wrong with this unique clutch.
  • Storage: While it is compact by design, it has enough space to store all your essentials. Smartphones, cash, credit cards, comb, and lipsticks can easily fit in this handmade macramé clutch.
  • Easy Maintenance: Unlike other clutches, this eco-friendly clutch doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Dust particles that arise can be easily cleaned with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Ideal Gift: You can gift this macramé clutch to the special women in your life on birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, festivals, etc.

So all you fashionistas out there, get this macramé turquoise clutch and let your creative, bohemian personality shine.

Clutch Macramé (Black)