Couch Caddy

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PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT WILL NEED INPUT FROM YOU TO BE MADE. (Unless below specification fits with your sofa)

It has been always inconvenient using a side table or a table in front, when you are seating on the sofa. You have to reach out for snacks and in the process loose the comfort of seating on the sofa. 

This couch caddy designed by BARISH meets you half way inside the sofa so that your do not have to reach out and compromise your comfort. It is also great for sharing it with someone. Now you can even place a wine glass in the slot and not worry about it being spilled. Truly a amazing product, add it to your home you will not regret it.

This product requires input from you. We will need height of your sofa (seating area). 

Dimension: (Inches)

Height 20"

Top: 16" x 12"

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