Couch Caddy

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PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT WILL NEED INPUT FROM YOU TO BE MADE. (Unless below specification fits with your sofa)

This will be a customized product made to fit your sofa. The one in picture fits on a sofa with a width of arm rest being 5 Inches (13 cm). Absence of any information from you we will consider your need is for similar sofa. 

Lets us know the width of your arm rest and we will make the product fit snugly on it. Call us on 9923110088 with your specification before placing the Order.

 Get away from boring look alike furniture available in stores. Barish brings you something new and unique, and best of all it can be customized to your needs. Check the dimension here if your need is not met with it, drop us a message along with the order for the changes needed. Or get in touch with us to make sure you get your needs addressed

Dimension of the product in picture are as under: (Inches)

Top part were wine glass is kept: 6" x 10" Breadth x Length

Side (Outside the Sofa) Where Newspaper is: 10" x 12.5"  Breadth x Height

Pocket (Where Newspaper and Remote is):  10" x 6" x 1.5" (inner) 2" (outer) Breadth x Height x Depth

Side inside : Will be made based on your sofas width of armrest.  (Please check the pic on how to measure and enter the info in your order)



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