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Hexagonal Box - Barish Handcrafted Decor
Hexagonal Box - Barish Handcrafted Decor
Hexagonal Box - Barish Handcrafted Decor

Hexagonal Box Design 5

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Hexagonal Box Design 5

This hexagonal box design is an object of timeless beauty. The reason for that is the exemplary combination of MDF and colourful glass mosaic. With a compact size of 5”x5”x6” inches (L x B x H), this trinket box is handmade and eco-friendly. Made with utmost precision and a lot of love, this design is excessively unique. 


Crafted by creative individuals, this box can add a pop of colour to any surrounding. The colourful glass mosaic creates a unique look and adds a perky feel to your surroundings.


You can use this hexagonal box for storage purposes. From tiny accessories, jewellery to makeup items, everything can easily fit into this unique box. It’ll be your own little treasure box. 


This handmade box can also be used to decorate dressers and tables. You can add accessories and items that complement this box to make your surroundings more elegant and Insta-worthy. 


Apart from storing jewellery and accessories, it can also be used to keep dry fruits or sweets. Who doesn’t like serving their guests in style? Additionally, you can place it anywhere you want. Bedroom, living room, and dining room are some of the options. 

Easy to clean

To clean this box, all you need is a clean, dry cloth. So even if it attracts some dirt, you needn’t worry.  

Get this handmade hexagonal box to add a unique, creative, and eye-catching look to your space.

Hexagonal Box - Barish Handcrafted Decor