Spice Rack

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Spice Rack 

We Indians totally adore our spices, don’t we? So why not store them in an organised and elegant manner? Introducing our new and improved Spice Rack. It is an excessively functional and versatile piece that comes in a compact size of 16” x 2.25”. 


Light yet sturdy, dainty yet accommodative, our handmade Spice Rack can hold up to 7 spice bottles of 2 diameters each at one time. So keep your spices clutter free and easy to reach in while cooking. Apart from spices, you can keep herbs, vitamins, baking supplies, and much more. 


Unlike the usual Spice Racks, this one comes with an alluring mosaic glass. It adds vibrancy and elegance to your surroundings. Made from the finest quality wood, our unique Spice Rack comes with a sleek look and can be wall-mounted. So save a lot of space while creating space for your spice jars!

Easy Installation

This perky Spice Rack is super easy to install and decorate. If you like to keep things simple, place it in a preferred corner of your choice. However, if you’re looking to ‘spice’ things up, hang it on the kitchen wall. Easy to install, it will glam up your kitchen in no time. 

Easy to carry

If you’re going camping and want to carry the essential spices, this Spice Rack will help you maximise your storage space. Moreover, you can take them effortlessly for terrace brunches and Sunday picnics. 

Add a whiff of elegance and a creative touch of colours to your kitchen - our Spice Rack will provide that and a lot more. Grab yours before we run out of stock!


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