Turmeric Powder (Farm Fresh)

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 Turmeric Powder 

Since ancient times, turmeric has served as a magical healer. Apart from having multiple health benefits, it also adds a unique taste to your food, making it more delicious. The Porwal Farms turmeric powder promises excellent quality. It is also free from preservatives, and has a deep colour and a strong aroma. 

Fresh from the farms

This turmeric powder comes from the Porwal farms near the western ghat range. Unlike the usual turmeric powder that you find in your market, this one is completely fresh and organic. 

Numerous benefits

Our unique turmeric powder comes with a ton of benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, has medical properties, and increases the antioxidant capacity of the body. Plus, it is easy to use in meals and drinks.  

Herbal remedy/Immunity booster

Since the onset of Covid-19, everyone’s been working to build their immunity. And this handmade turmeric powder would help achieve your immunity goals. Additionally, you can also include it in your home herbal remedies. 

Beauty properties

Our organic and handmade turmeric powder has tons of useful properties. It reduces dark circles, protects against ageing and sun damage, and removes stretch marks. For maximum benefits, you can use it in a face pack to boost your skin’s natural radiance. 

Sustainable Packaging

This turmeric powder comes with a perky and sustainable packaging. The entire packaging process gets carried out hygienically. 

For a healthier lifestyle, get our naturally grown turmeric powder today. Hurry before we run out of stock! 

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