Wall Key Holder Jar Planter Natural - Barish Handcrafted Décor
Wall Key Holder Jar Planter Natural - Barish Handcrafted Décor

Wall Key Holder Jar Planter Natural

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Wall Key Holder Jar Planter Natural

Would you like to give an authentic feel and add the component of fabulousness to your living space? On the off chance that you are intending to adorn your loft, augmenting your backdrop, or exhibiting your predominant desire for design, a wall key holder jar planter is all you need.

Yes, you heard it right. Today, jars are no longer used only for storing food or stocking essentials. Now they have entered into creative space as well. Unlike other brands, our wall key holder jar planter is a unique piece of art and the best wall décor merchandise to make any wall glint with imagination and zest. This high-quality key holder jar planter comes with rustic, fastidious painted wood attached at the back of it, giving it a perky look. All you need is to add a plant or some colourful flowers to inculcate a mystical grace to the whole setup.

Our highly skilled crafters have artistically executed the design and ensured high-quality standards. This product is purely handmade with excellent material used to produce this masterpiece. The size in dimension is 9" x 5" x 6". Moreover, one can hang it on walls and need to put some green thumb, and it's all set to create an artisan feel to your surroundings. The small hooks available in the jar planter can be used for hanging keyrings, door keys, and other small accessories.

So, you only require a single glass jar and sparkle some green plants to it. Hang it in your bedroom, drawing room, or anywhere and let the freshness of plants rejuvenate the ambience. Buy now and make your home, haven of peace.


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