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Wall Mosaic Art - Barish Handcrafted Decor

Wall Mosaic Art - Ganesha-1

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This handmade, unique wall mosaic art piece is one of the best pieces of our collection. It can be hung on a wall or kept on the table. This perky piece of art is going to fill your interiors with all the vibrant colours, positive energy, and life.

This creative art piece is made from actual coloured glass pieces cut and stuck together on an MDF to form a unique Lord Ganesha image. It is truly mesmerising and will surely pop up any blank spaces of your home.

It comes  framed  dimensions 16 x 24 (W x H in inches)

As we all know, Ganesha is a Hindu deity who removes all the obstacles in one’s life.  This makes it a perfect handmade gift, which is never going out of trend. You can give this to your loved ones on any occasion, whether it is an anniversary, birthday, or any sort of religious events.  

Our master craftsmen take a minimum of 10-15 days to make a single masterpiece of this Ganesha wall mosaic art.

It can be elucidated that this is a unique masterpiece made with intricate details and hard work. Our artisans pour all their love to make a single piece of this magnificent mosaic wall art, and so, these can’t be made in bulk. 

If you want to decorate your living spaces and leave your guests amazed, bring home this handcrafted beauty of the Ganesha wall mosaic masterpiece. With such intricate detailing, this mesmerising Ganesha Wall Mosaic Art is worth the price. So, what’s there to wait? Grab this mesmerising beauty as soon as possible.