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Couch caddy- best sofa accessories and home décor items

Are you a couch potato or a go-getter? Well, this is not one of those motivational articles; instead, we are here to suggest a few additions to that couch of yours. Barish aims to help you create a homely space that is appealing and also functional. That’s why we offer a range of couch caddies that make your movies and game nights mess-free. These couch caddies are easy to clean and give your sofa a chic look. Impeccably designed, our sofa accessories will help in keeping all your handy stuff organized. Say no to those treasure hunts for the remote before your favorite sitcoms. Your brand new couch caddy has that in place for you. To aid you in selecting a perfect match for your sofa, we have sorted them into different categories. Browse through and swipe right on whichever couch caddy suits you!

  1. Flexible couch caddy:

These are the simplest couch caddies that sit on the armrest of your sofas. They are bigger than your regular coasters and encapsulates the armrest, and creates a mini platform for you to keep your essentials. Available in pastel and subtle colors, these blend with your sofas naturally. Enjoy your morning coffee with news’ hours, and this couch caddy will keep your coffee mugs glued. Don’t worry about spilling your drinks on your beautiful couch. We got you covered.

  1. The one with a magazine shelf:

Crafted from wood, these couch caddies too sit on the armrest of your couch but add a little extra space for organizing your magazines, newspapers, and other essentials. There is a built-in top table below, which is the magazine organizer. There are never enough shelves, are there? These are a must-have if you want a spacious yet compact organizer for your binge-reading sessions.

  1. Top to bottom:

Along with the shelves, these couch caddies have mini platforms on the top that fits the armrest, and it goes down to the floor, along with a stand with numerous compartments. These have increased the number of shelves for more usability. These are sleek side tables that are longer and more organized. Big enough to fit your munchies, these are perfect for your snacking hours.

  1. Front couch caddy:

These are similar to the previous ones; they just fit at the center of your sofas. Easy attachable and detachable, these could be your go-to sofa accessory for those football and cricket matches. It also comes with a wine glass holder and bottom shelves. It fits in all the snacks and drinks you have while watching TV or playing on your PSP. You can attach these caddies during special occasions or leave them on. These give a modern look to your living room and adds to the beauty of your sofa set. 

Stellar Sofa Accessories are waiting to adorn your couch!

Have you found the ideal “jodidar” for your furniture yet? Head over to our website to choose home decor accessories available in different colors, sizes, and variants. Start building your cart and bring home functional and elegant sofa accessories today! 

Apart from couch caddies, Barish has a range of handicrafts and home décor accessories that will add to your house’s glam. Explore now! 


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