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Significance of Handcrafted Name Plates in India

In our deep-rooted Indian culture, which gives utmost importance to traditions, a home is a prized possession that holds great significance in an individual's life. A home is a safe place that unites a family together and is often a reflection of one's personality. Apart from this, it is a place that generates positive energy and is also meant to be aesthetically pleasing. This is where Barish Home Décor comes into the picture. Barish Home Décor revolves around the idea of providing a home environment that gives every individual an authentic feeling of belongingness in a pleasing and comforting home atmosphere-on both good and bad days!

When it comes to home décor, most Indian families follow Vastu Shastra's guidelines- a traditional Indian system of architecture. Following Vastu Shastra is deemed essential in many Indian households as the system incorporates the balancing of nature's five elements to ensure peace, harmony, good health, and prosperity. A few among the many crucial features include the front door position and the nameplate. Thus, we aim to throw light on how one can find a great handcrafted nameplate for their home. People say that having a nice nameplate for a house is like a tilak on our forehead.

The first impression any visitor gets is from the nameplate of a house. It does not only enhance the overall appeal of the main entrance, but it also symbolizes respect and warmth towards your guests. In a community, people will identify your house with the nameplate present. Thus, it is best to get a handcrafted nameplate to showcase your identity and the positive energy that your household brings about.

Listed below are a few significant guidelines which most Indian households follow when putting up a house plate. These include:

  • The handcrafted nameplate is meant to be fixed on the main door or the left side of the main entrance as it is believed to bring about new opportunities, prosperity, and sound health.
  • The nameplate must consist of the surname or full name.
  • The nameplate design should match the overall theme of the main entrance.
  • It should be stylish, yet simple and the writing must be legible.

So far, you must have got a gist of the importance of a nameplate in connection to home decor. At Barish, we understand the importance given to the smallest of details about 

your home's décor. Barish Home Décor is known for customizing products with the most intricate methods such that it fulfills our customers' desires. In this regard, we do justice with selling our aesthetically appealing handcrafted nameplates online. Our handcrafted nameplates are made according to our customer's preferences, and we pay meticulous attention to every detail. We aim to give you the best experience when you order nameplates online from Barish Home Décor. 


Name Plate

From striking glass nameplates to conspicuous and beautifully carved handcrafted mosaic nameplates, we have it all! Couples can beautifully customize their nameplates online with our help. Our consciously handcrafted nameplates are bound to leave you spellbound and will surely give your home a bright and optimistic touch!

Order your nameplate online with just a tap. Please reach out to Barish Home Décor to add a soulful and rejuvenating touch to your humble home. After all, Barish is not just a brand; it's a feeling!

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