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Reasons why you need planters

Recently, post the COVID- 19 outbreak, our houses have transformed into offices, picnic spots, party places, and whatnot. Our houses have been our go-to destination for every occasion lately. With all these changes happening in and out of our homes, our lives have taken a monotonous turn. To get the old vibe and positive aura back, why not revamp your house with some handmade delight? We are talking about bringing home wall planters from Barish. These macramé wall planters are all you need to glam up your place and here’s why- 

  • These will fill your home with happy and positive vibes:
  • Brighten up your rooms with vibrant plants and they will add the much needed balance to the room. Wall planters are compact, perfect for any space, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and even balconies, wall planters refurbish any place. These will add a pop of color to your lives and spread positive vibes.

  • There is a wall planter for each personality:
  • “A home is the reflection of the homemaker,” they say and are aptly correct. It’s an interlinked relationship between you and your house. At Barish, we have a planter that is fit for your personality, contemporary and bohemian or classic and traditional we got you covered. Let your house reflect your true self with these handcrafted beauties. 

  • Fits every plant in itself:
  • These wall planters are versatile. Any plant species can come to life in these. From colorful orchids, succulents to even cacti, these planters support the growth of every plant. Easily manageable, these planters will fulfill your dreams of building your home garden in very little space.  Herbs or shrubs the choice is yours.

  • The emotional aspect:
  • Having plants at home is like having a confidante. It is scientifically proven that plants have emotions and they can understand your feelings too. They can be your best secret-keepers. They will never spread the word. Yes, so the next time you need to go out your thoughts and blabber stuff, you must make an appointment with Dr. leafy. He is the best therapist in town. 

  • The environmental aspect:
  • Growing plants in and around your houses are essential to look at the whole climate change scenario. Plants improve the quality and quantity of the oxygen levels in your house which led to a cleaner and healthier environment in your house. Increased oxygen levels result in stress-free and healthy living.

  • They are just beautiful:
  • Macramé wall plants are beautiful, elegant, and chic. These give your room a laid-back look which is an instant mood changer. Give your home a healthy gift in the form of this wall planter and Dr. leafy. 

    Still thinking? Just check out our website and scroll through the amazing range of planters at Barish, it will leave you awestruck. Find a planter that suits your personality and start building your cart today! Click here to set up a meeting with Dr. Leafy.

    Apart from the planter, we have a range of macramé artifacts that will add to the charm of your house. Do not forget to check that out too. Happy shopping!

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